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We have a blog! Its Bengkel Blog?!

Blogging is important. Well, not as important as it used to be, but Google seems to think otherwise.. So we made one!

AND we named it Bengkel Blog.

In Bengkel Blog, I am going to talk about how industrial processes help shape our daily lives and how our products play into that. Other times, I am gonna be talking about the conditions of the various Indonesian manufacturing industry. Y'know, the stuff that's never relevant at all in Indonesia (and it's not going to be either football, automotive or celebrities, EVER). That's part of the reason we chose the name Bengkel Blog (bengkel translates to workshop), because we're gonna get down and dirty, in grease, dust and the stuff that doesn't ever wash off with soap.

Also do people actually ever read engineering blogs? Comment below!

In the next post, we're going to do a small explainer about the difference between pasteurization vs sterilization, and how you can do both in our autoclaves. Stay tuned folks!



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