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Air Storage Tank

Used to store air or other gases, air storage tanks can be considered a pressure vessel and they come in various shapes and sizes suited for the task.

In most cases, air storage tanks are used to store air or gases, to be pushed out or extracted by a pump when needed. While they can be considered pressure vessels, Air storage tanks are different from compressed air tanks, in terms of its design & operational requirements, where it typically operates on lower pressures. As such, the material and the dimension of the storage tank may vary depending on the gas stored and its application.

Our air storage tanks are designed to withstand corrosion and can be customized to suit its task.


Our pressure vessels are certified by Depnaker.

All of our products can be customized.

Contact us for more details.

Yellow Colored Air Storage Tank, Made by PT. ASME


Our Pressure Tanks are available in standard sizes and are ready to be customized! 

We can make our tanks in stainless steel or mild steel.

Your choice!

Safe & Durable

We use SAW welding to ensure welds are tidy, consistent and strong.

Our pressure tanks come equipped with a safety valve (pressure relief) to ensure safe use.

The pressure vessels we make are from quality materials that increases their lifetime and will preserve your pump or compressor for longer!

Just Plug 'n Play

Our product come with standard connectors.

Our pipe connectors can also be adjusted to your needs!

Just connect the pipes and you're good to go!

Certified by the Govt.

We take safety seriously. All our tanks are certified by DISNAKER (Indonesian Manpower and Transmigration Service).

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