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PT. Aladin Sakti Metal Engineering (ASME) specializes in mild steel and stainless steel vessel fabrication. Based in Banten, Indonesia, we also design and manufacture a wide array of industrial equipments, from production purpose machinery and its ancillaries, such as pressure vessels (tanks), heat exchange equipments (boilers & heat exchangers), and other industrial production processing equipments. 

With our broad production capabilities and extensive experience, we can ensure quality in our products. Contact us today and we'll provide you with a personal service and the most competitive prices in the market!

Here are some of our products:
Standard Pressure Tanks - PT. ASME - Indonesia

Pressure Tanks / Vessels

We supply both air and water receiver tanks and are open to customized orders. 


Our pressure vessels strictly adheres to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).


Browse our Pressure Tank product page for more.

Heat Exchange Equipments

We offer various heat transfer equipment, from entire industrial boiler systems, to piecemeal additions for your production needs. Our product line includes steam boilers (fire-tube, water-tube & combination), thermal oil heaters, heat exchangers and condensers. We will meet your specifications.

Visit the Heat Exchange Equipments products page for more.


Industrial Autoclaves

We also produce autoclaves and autoclave doors, manual or hydraulic assisted, for any size specified, per client request.


We have catered to clients from various sectors, such as food processing,  palm oil production and tire manufacturing.

Peruse our Industrial Autoclaves product page for more.

Click here to browse the full range of our other products!
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